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Struggling with your website?

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with your website? So was a few of my friends. I offered to help them… and ended up with a growing web management business!

A few friends shared with me their website struggles; the costs, the technical challenges and bad customer service.

They had poorly designed, slow or buggy websites, and couldn’t fix it on their own, or were trying to get started, and getting overwhelmed.  If this sounds familiar, you are without a doubt missing out on leads and losing money.

I’ve always hosted, built and managed my own websites, and I’ve learned what platforms, plugins and themes work best together, today… as it’s constantly evolving.

I wanted to help my friends, as it bothered me that they were getting stuck with their websites, so I got a bulk rate on all those plugins and web hosting, then put it all together in an affordable package, which included me setting it all up for them, and I deal with all technical issues.

These friends were so happy, they were referring me to people I didn’t even know.  One referral led to another, and suddenly I had a growing web management business.

I really enjoy helping people with their websites, removing technical obstacles and providing a personal service, and the best feeling is watching them generate leads and make money online.

If you’re struggling with your website, book a free one-hour online consultation with me right now.

Struggling with your website?

We’d be happy to help you with a free no obligation online consultation with screen sharing to go over your current website challenges.

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